Regardless of the protection chosen, in a situation of incontinence, humidity prevails, and it is impossible to avoid contact with urine which is aggressive for the skin. It becomes interesting to protect the epidermis by a kind of non-greasy skin barrier. Thus, protecting the skin in prevention becomes effective and the disadvantages associated with the aggressor disappear since the latter can no longer penetrate the epidermis. However, we do not necessarily want to add fats that is impractical to apply and for some, unpleasant to wear. IrriProtect® was designed as a penetrating and non-greasy product. It does not stain or leave a print on the tissue.


IrriProtect® installs an intraepidermal network using liquid crystals formed by Mhevozyx®. This network is a real double membrane around cells that delay or prevent the penetration of the attacking agents into the epidermis, the effects of which may ultimately contribute to permanent irritation or the formation of bedsores.


IrriProtect® can be used on injured but uninfected skin. The intra-epidermal network acts as a barrier against aggressors. It allows faster colonization of healthy cells on damaged cells. The skin can recover a healthy appearance more quickly. IrriProtect® reduces itching.


• Classification : medical class 1
• Code ACL : 6005727
• Code EAN : 3401060057275
These Class 1 medical devices are regulated health products that bear, under this regulation, the CE marking. Read the instructions on the label carefully. Observe the precautions for use. If in doubt, consult your specialist doctor.