Driven by health care practitioners, we have seen the benefits of our Mhevozyx-based product
to people who experience severe changes in the skin or who wish to protect it permanently.
Due to excessive macerations and friction, sportsmen are the first to experience these conditions episodically. The second to undergo these conditions permanently are amputees, especially when a prosthesis needs to be worn to regain some mobility, and this for a significant daily period.

concerned skins

• Healthy to highly reactive infant, child and adult skin.
• Care on damaged or altered skin.


• Strengthens the skin’s resistance to chemical, physical and biological aggressions
• Can be used throughout the body.


• Classification : medical class 1
• Code ACL : 6008364
• Code EAN : 3401060083649
These Class 1 medical devices are regulated health products that bear, under this regulation, the CE marking. Read the instructions on the label carefully. Observe the precautions for use. If in doubt, consult your specialist doctor.