Comment isolated the skin of a physical, chemical or organic aggressor without disrupting natural exchanges?

For a long time skin protection consisted of applying a layer of fat in an attempt to isolate the skin from the outside world. Any layer that insulates the skin from the outside prevents the skin from breathing. The fat causes occlusion of the pores of the skin and the natural exchanges are disturbed. Fat, for example, makes maceration worse.

In a situation of maceration or rubbing:

- The skin will be protected by a product from the METANOIA Laboratory.

- In case of skin disease, according to the indications, the improvement of the skin condition is favored.

To Protect To Heal

Metanoia laboratory

our story

Métanoïa Health is a company created in 1997 by Francis Legentil. It specializes in

A meeting in the industry started in the 1990s, which allowed us to discover a formula whose protective properties for the skin have proved particularly beneficial. This formulation was forgotten for 10 years. In 1997, we wanted to take up the challenge of its rebirth. Our
numerous and careful trials with patients have revealed not only protective properties, but also restorative properties for the skin.

Today, totally focused on improving this formulation, we are driven by the results obtained in those who benefit from these applications in the framework of prescriptions and medical

to Heal

methanoia's know-how

NOTRE expérience

Contrary to the fruits expected from a fundamental then applied research, our knowledge is derived in a very concrete way from the experiences of our products under the responsibility of doctors. Our main discoveries were delivered to us through practice, thanks to the doctors and the nursing staff who agreed to take part of the journey with us. It is the field that gave meaning to our research.

Our know-how is to bring together the experience and medical prudence of those who touch the patient, the knowledge of the field and finally the transparency of our feedback. We add our own research and our passion to do well.

Our discoveries are with you and they’re for you.